account No. ....... Pin No........Name........Balance
ex: a0910........21996........james........210.000

1) write a program to store data instance for 50 customers , and sort in the order of account no and take a report of all customers.

2) To store a data in a file .

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All you need is to have the data stored in variables that can then be written into a text file (saving) and then read from the text file (loading). Check out the tutorials at
Then have a function that can be called by the user, that writes out a list of all the accounts.

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Creat a class named student with data, name , ID and Semester.
use a consturctor function to allocate memory for the data provide two member function called get input () this will take input for a student and show() that will display the data. also use a destructor function that will automatically display elapsed time when a student type object is destroyed.

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