In your opinion what is the fastest c++ compiler? I have found the gnu's compiler on my schools linux machines tobe very fast but i personally prefer the windows enviroment, is there any fast compilers for windows , something faster then g++ and mingw?

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Faster how? Compiles faster? Links faster? Generates faster machine code? You have to be more specific, and even then you'll probably get a bunch of people spouting benchmark nonsense. The best way to find out which compiler suits your needs is to test them all on the system in which they will be used.

Talking about faster compilers and benchmarks, I bleave there is some good gcc benchmarks for selecting the right flags for you system...

I Think..

But when compilers commenly have optermizations that can be turned on and off for instance -O3 or -O2 in gcc -O3 makes the code larger in size for small preformance increases while -O2 keeps the code the same size using all optermizations that don't have a space speed tradeoff..

-Os optermizes for size (smaller then not opermized or O2), witch all compilers there are trade offs you have to make..

If you want everyone to get the best out of your program your not going to use processor persific compiler options -march=athlon-xp since then your code will only run on an athlon xp(damn well on an athlon, but not to well on anything else) -mcpu athlon-xp would be ok tho, since it would compile optermized for athlon-xp but also generic i386 code..

There is alot of things to consider in one compiler let alone, Witch is the best out of them all

Im sorry i was so vague narue, I was referring strictly to compile time. I tend to compile every few minutes ( right after i close a loop) so that there is not any syntax errors that get harder to find the farther you are from the code.
I just hate waiting the 10-15 seconds to compile and was wondering if there is a faster compiler then i am currently using. I know vis c++ takes forever to compile but i have never tried dev c++ and the other compilers out there.

>I was referring strictly to compile time.
Okay, but my recommendation still stands. Try out several compilers and see which one suits you best.

borland c++ is fastest

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borland c++ is fastest

Why do people keep reviving these old threads?

Why do people keep reviving these old threads?

For Google searchers, not for the asker.

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