I use Dev C++ and had to re-install it for a reason. Ever since then, whenever i build any project, even a helloworld, i get this.
Error -1073741515

Execution terminated

This happens in the object file, *.o, according to the build log.
No description of the error, nothing. Any ideas?

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I had that and it was because mspdb80.dll was missing. Check your directories and make sure nothing is corrupt.


Better still, uninstall that IDE/compiler and use Code::Blocks with current version of MinGW compiler.

Argh, i just uninstalled Code::Blocks and replaced it with Dev-c++.
Guess Code::blocks has a point though. Might give it another shot if I can't figure out this problem.

@Chenault: I did reinstall it, infact, i redownloaded it from bloodshed too. Oh yeah, and i got a message box just now that cygreadline.dll is missing. I'll just wait to see if someone can solve this, or i'll get Code::blocks again :P

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