I wrote a program to solve a system of linear equations. It works fine with the VS compiler. But when I try to run it using Cygwin, I get a seg fault(core dumped). But it does not say where the seg fault is.
I am using the following commands:
to complie: g++ -Wall -o main.out main.cpp
to run: ./main.out

Is there an option that i can put while running so that I can know on which line the seg fault is.

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show the code.

Try g++ -Wall file.c , I guess some of the apis you are using does not work with g++ .

The bovious thing to do is to run it in the debugger e.g. gdb or ddd
Compile with g++ -g -o Prog prog.cpp, and the run as ddd Prog . When it hits the seg-fault, use up until you see the problem (backtrace in gdb). It is likely that the fault is say in a sta

There is also another method that is much more rigerous, that is to use valgrind http://valgrind.org/. [Don't think this works on linux] But run your program with valgrind Prog and you get a long list of the memory you accessed without initializing and memory that you didn't free.

Thanks a lot.

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