Im using C++ builder 6 and need to print off some text. The text will be in the form of strings. I guess I need to use TPrinter.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to print stuff out from C++. I need to be able to print out on other computers/printers. I am guessing I need to use the co-ordinate system to tell the printer where to start printing. Where does the print area begin? I need to be able to set the margins in, if Company Letter Head is used.


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There is a little code snippet here on DaniWeb called "Sending Text to a Printer"


I don't know much about your compiler, but there maybe some helpfull hints in there.

Still stuck on this. Can anyone give me anymore suggestions.


Your best start is by reading the documentation to your compiler. There's no native support for printers in C++, and your compiler probably offers several ways to do it.

If C++ Builder is anything like Delphi, there should be a Print Component in there.

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