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Hello :-)!

There is a problem with building project in NetBeans.

I've got two directories sphinx4-1.0beta3-src and sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin, which are part of speech recognition system CMU Sphinx, Sphinx4 is written in Java. In the directory S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin\bin I've got some .jar files, e.g. HelloDigits.jar. In S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-src there is no bin directory, however there are some directories here S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-src\src\apps\edu\cmu\sphinx\demo, e.g. S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-src\src\apps\edu\cmu\sphinx\demo\hellodigits contains five files: digits.gram, hellodigits.config.xml,, hellodigits.Manifest, README.html. The file readme is the same as here: . I'm sure I've got jsapi.jar.

In other words in one directory (sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin) I have got executable .jar files (or rather not executable, but to be interpreted by JVM). In other (sphinx4-1.0beta3-src) I have got source codes of those applications. There are some additional files, not only .java source code. The most important are two of them, i.e. .java and .xml.

In order to run the HelloDigits.jar I do the following in Command Prompt "S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-bin\java -mx256m -jar bin/HelloWorld.jar". It shows me proper thing, i.e. asks me to start speaking.

OK, so I know how to run already existing application. But if I'd like to create my own, I need to follow this . First of all I create new project (File -> New Project; I leave default values). I need to follow first step. In Projects -> Source Packages I've got "javaapplication ->". I simply drag-and-drop those three folders from S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-src\src (those are apps, research, sphinx4) and after some seconds I've got several more things in Source Packages, e.g. "". In order to fulfill the second step, I click right mouse button on Libraries and choose "Add JAR/Folder". I add from this directory S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-src\lib three files, i.e. js.jar, jsapi.jar and tags.jar. It was surprise for me that there was not tags.jar in S:\tutorial\sphinx4-1.0beta3-src\lib so I copied it from sphinx4-1.0beta3-src directory. Now I've got four things in Libraries, three new and one already existing (JDK 1.6 (Default)).

In I've got default code of NetBeans which is definitely not what I want to have. Some tips how to create my own applications are here . I replace default code completely with that one from example. I click "Build main project" in the menu. After some time it creates me C:\Documents and Settings\MainAccount\Moje dokumenty\NetBeansProjects\JavaApplication4 and there is unfortunately "BUILD FAILED (total time: 8 seconds)". Those errors are included with this post.

What should I do to build the project properly?

Thanks very much for your help in advance :-)!
Greetings :-)!