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The changes sound cool though. I look forward to checking out the latest rev. I'll try not to screw around in the memory and hose it up this time :D

Heh, alright, thanks.

Well I pretty much finished it, please tell me if there are logic errors or ways to improve the current system.

*I plan on adding other monsters to fight as you suggested instead of it being so linear.*

#pragma comment(lib,"kernel32.lib")
#pragma comment(lib,"user32.lib")

You can delete those two lines because including windows.h forces those two libraries.

[edit]Oops! I was fighting the gargoyle and the program sometimes seems to hang as if it is an infinite loop.

How odd..the game seems to have random bugs. Like sometimes it will go into an infinite loop for no reason..:( I don't see any logic errors..

Maybe it is too big?

Oops! I was fighting the gargoyle and the program sometimes seems to hang as if it is an infinite loop.

I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Did you notice what you did right before it hung (enter a choice, after your attack but before monster attack, after monster attack, before your attack, etc. What choice did you make. Etc.)? If you noticed that stuff did you happen to take a peek at the code where that was going on?

I'm going to go get my hair cut and then I'll have a whack at it.

I tried to cast a spell when I didn't have any...I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, but option 11 to leave wouldn't let me leave. Also, since I couldn't leave with 11, I pressed 0 and it said that I "successfully used the spell !" where there should clearly be a spell name if I chose a spell which I had in inventory, but I chose 0.

ETA: 4. Forfeit doesn't seem to work, at least on the fighting the bandit.

ETA: Using spells, at least the lower enemy health one, doesn't seem to decrement the remaining spell count after use. Also, it asks me to hit enter twice after using it.

ETA: While battling the dragon, my health went down so I drank a Godly potion and two large potions. After exiting the potion screen (presumably, when the dragon attacked), I was presented with the "you lost" screen, despite me having loads of health points left. Are you sure that you're adding the potion health before continuing with the opponent's attack?

ETA: The above seems to happen every time I drink potions while battling the dragon.

commented: Helps a ton with my RPG +1

Oh, darn..I add new things and get a ton of new errors! >.<

Anyway, the potions thing happens all the time, I am not sure why, but I will have a look into it.

I also forgot to decrease the spell by 1 after each use, and that was just a dumb error on my part.

The forfeit thing doesn't work, because I used to only have '3' options which I changed to '4', and forgot to change the do-while loop to accept the char of '4'.

However, the spells seem to work fine, did you change any coding on them? Besides the fact that it doesn't decrement 1 from the amount, it won't allow you to choose a different spell, and the '11' works. Please try it again and see what happens.

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