So, I'm working on a fraction calculator to add, subtract, divide and multiply. Currently on the part where it's asking for the user to input their fractions. My professor states this on the assignment sheet: "A valid sign will be ‘+’ or '-', a valid whole part or numerator will be any non-negative integer value, and a valid denominator will be any positive integer value."

So, my question is this...how can I get it to detect whether a user has entered in a mixed number (ex: 3 4/7) or a normal fraction (4/7). I can get it to read a regular fraction fine, but where would I start to check the data they enter to see which it is?

int main(void)
    int num = 0;
    int den = 0;
    char dummy;
    cout << "Please enter in a fraction: " ;
    cin >> num >> dummy >> den;
    cout << num << "/" << den;
  return 0;
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check the first field to see if it is +,-,or a number. if it's a sign or a number, take in the next number etc. until you reach / (so in your mixed number example you invalidate the input based on the space). read your numbers into a string but not the signs. do the same thing for the denominator after you've seen the / and then do any parsing necessary on the strings. Multiply your numbers by sign after they are parsed and present your answer.

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