I tested /project/pages/page[@completed='n'][not(text())=''] at http://www.mizar.dk/XPath/Default.aspx with success but the xpath expression below doesn't work in C#. How do I re-write the xpath statement so I can use .Evaluate to return a empty node-set in C#?

string xpath = "/project/pages/page[@completed='n'][not(text())='']";
bool not_finished = (bool)xd.CreateNavigator().Evaluate(xpath);
    <page id="1" completed="y">one</page>
    <page id="2" completed="y">two</page>
    <page id="3" completed="y">three</page>
    <page id="4" completed="y">four</page>
    <page id="5" completed="y">five</page>
    <page id="6" completed="y">six</page>

Evalute method evaluates the string representing an XPath expression and returns the typed result (number, Boolean, string, or node set). Use the XPathNodeIterator to iterate over a set of nodes.

XPathNodeIterator b= (XPathNodeIterator) navigator.Evaluate(xpath);
while(b.MoveNext()) {
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