welcome ....

I'm starting learn java langauge , it is very intresting langauge ....

I have this problem and I need your help...

Write a java applet that will animate an analogue clock. The clock should look like the one shown in Figure 1. The background color of the clock, the color of the text, the color of the clock arms, the color of the clock ticks, the text that appears above the clock and the initial time should be read from a text file each time your applet starts. The clock should then be updated every second indefinitely. Figure 2 shows a sample input configuration file. Please note that the arms will be moving while the applet is running.

Figure 1: Sample run of the applet.

see attached..

Figure 2: Sample input configuration file.
Clock color: RED
Font color: BLACK
Clock arms color: YELLOW
Clock ticks color: BLUE
Top text: Welcome to clock animation
Initial time: 06 50 00 PM


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