I am a bit familiar with java, but I am pretty ambitious and I want to build a simple book store.

I need some suggestions and help.

I can create a simple homepage using HTML which has links, navigation menu etc. on the homepage

I am good at GUI programming. I can create an applet with the links, navigation menu.

I can create a database in Mysql with the name and price of the book for each book.

now, I have to learn the JDBC ODBC connectivity and see if I can pull out the data from the database and print them on a webpage.

I don't know anything about JSF.
Do we need to know JSF in order to build an ecommerce site? any other suggestions about what I have to know.

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For a simple online store you don't really need to know JSF. However, you should know Servlets and JSP for the same in Java world. Also, do not use JDBC-ODBC bridge. Use JDBC Type 4 driver available at MySQL site. Any book on servlets can give you a good start.

I didn't use JDBC-ODBC bridge.

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