Hi i'm having some trouble getting my head around this assignment...
which is :
Design, write and test a program to print a table of factorials. The program should read in two values: a maximum factorial value and a minimum factorial value.
It must then print a table, as illustrated below, with one column for the factorial number, one column for the factorial expression and a third column showing the result. The program must produce this table from maximum factorial value to the minimum factorial value; e.g. if the maximum factorial value is 5 and the minimum factorial value is 3 the program produces a table like the following:

Factorial value	Factorial Expression 	Result
5!		                                 5*4*3*2*1		120
4!		                                  4*3*2*1		24
3! 		                                     3*2*1		         6


The program must repeatedly ask the user to input data and print a table of factorials, as illustrated above, until the user decides to exit the program.

so far i have been succesfull in creating the table reading in a maximum and min factorial and creating a list downwards to the left

what im finding hard is placing the 5*4*3 etc into the middle column

here is my code so far

#include <stdio.h>

void main()
	// defining and initialising variables
    int max , factorial;
	int min=0;
    //enters a maximum factorial
	printf("Please enter a Maximum Factorial:");
	scanf("%d", &max);
    //enters a minimum factorial
	printf("\nPlease enter a Minimum factorial:");
	scanf("%d", &min);	
    //handles an input error
    if (max>min)
         printf("\nyou have entered an invalid number\n");
	printf("\nFactorial Value        Factorial expression        Factorial Result");
    //creating a list from max to min factorials
	while ( factorial>=min){
	printf("\n%d!" ,max);


if anyone could help it would be hugely appreciated

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Disregarding the header and the bottom of the table and just
considering the inside of the table you can simply just do this :

for(int i = Max; i >= Min; --i){
		//print i
                //print '!'
		//print  \t
		//prints (i)*(i-1)*(i-2)*...(1)
		//print factorial of i
		//print new line

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