There seems to be a multitude of different unit testing frameworks for C and I'm having difficulty in choosing which one to use. (I have no experience with C development at all)

Is CUnit generally the well known and widely used framework as NUnit is for .net and JUnit for Java?

Any recommendations otherwise?

Thank-you in advance, Michelle

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For anyone who would like to avoid the pain of picking and choosing between unit testing frameworks - if you want something light and simple (as in EVERYTHING in one header file): http://fctx.wildbearsoftware.com/FrontPage

* Fast C XUnit Test (FCTX) is a lightweight, cross platform, framework for quickly generating x-unit tests in C/C++.
* The entire framework is available as a single header file.
* Simply include a header and start typing out your tests.
* FCTX does not require two-step registration of your functions.
*... and it has good documentation with straightforward examples


And another extremely lightweight unit testing framework is CuTest

its really good .
but i dont understand are these the rules that are followed in the industry.

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