i need to fade a picture into another picture.i need to use crossfade function to to this. i need some help
please, i am new at this. any help would be great. i have done a program than makes a double image but this need to happen slowly.

this is what i have so far, i got stuck at the for statements

def main():
  showInformation( "Pick two pictures of the same size." )
  pic1= makePicture( pickAFile() )
  pic2= makePicture( pickAFile() )
  w=getWidth( pic1 )
  h=getHeight( pic1 )
  assert w == getWidth( pic2 )
  assert h == getHeight( pic2 )
  newPic= makeEmptyPicture( w,h )
  printNow( "working..." )
  for x in range (0,w) :
    for y in range (0,w) :
      px1= getPixel( pic1, x, y )
      px2= getPixel( pic2, x, y )
      pxNew= getPixel( newPic, x, y )
  printNow( "...done" )
  show( newPic )

There is some important information missing here. What module are you using/importing?

Also I have a dislike for people who post two threads on the same subject. That is very rude. Which one of your threads are we supposed to help with?

I am sorry for posting twice, I am new to forums (as well as python) and i didnt realize that i posted the new info in a different post. Can i delete it?

what do you mean by module? I am using JES if that helps.