Dear All,

Lately I had been using a color sensor to read some colors in terms of RGB and XYZ values. The sensor is supplied with a GUI on which I could view the results. The sensor consists of a chip with a microcontroller (i dont know which one) and connects to my PC via a USB. Now I want to access some values from microcontrollers memory to c++ so I could process the values using my own functions. The company has given me 'dll' file for USB and 'header' file for some reasons. In the pathetically written tutorial are some predefined functions that I could use to access the values.
The problem is that I have no experience of how to handle hardware like this using c++ and was wondering if one could give me a hint for how to start using the things I have above.


Seems like the supplied dll files contains the required functions. So you cant just call these functions from c++. i am not quite sure whether there is any way to import dll to an ordinary c++ program. You can do it in Visual Basic or Visual c++. Another thing you can do is just take a look at the supplied header files and write a simple C++ program to try calling the functions from that header file. No need to look for any documentation. In .h files are available you can look into it to find out what all functions are available. If a lot of header files are there, just make some guesswork to select the correct one.:)

Best of luck