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4. (Combining Class Time and Class Date) Combine the modified Time class of Exercise 9.7 and the modified Date class of Exercise 9.8 into one class called DateAndTime. Modify the tick function to call the nextday function if the time increments into the next day. Modify functions printStandard and printUniversal to output the date and time. Write a program to test the new class DateAndTime. Specifically, test incrementing the time into the next day.

5. (Returning Error Indicators from Class Time's set Functions) Modify the set functions in the Time class of Figs. 9.8 , 9.9 to return appropriate error values if an attempt is made to set a data member of an object of class Time to an invalid value. Write a program that tests your new version of class Time. Display error messages when set functions return error values.

6. (Rectangle Class) Create a class Rectangle with attributes length and width, each of which defaults to 1. Provide member functions that calculate the perimeter and the area of the rectangle. Also, provide set and get functions for the length and width attributes. The set functions should verify that length and width are each floatingpoint numbers larger than 0.0 and less than 20.0.

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