I was playing around last night with having one main frame that contains several windows you can open under the window menu.

For example you might have a chat window and you might have a game board window. I want these windows contained by one larger frame that represents the total program size. i.e. if these windows were represented as a and b it would look like a large rectangle with windows a and by opening within this rectangle but not allowed to go beneath the window or stray past the edge of the containing window.

I set it up with a menu in the outer frame and you could choose telent console, and i created a JDialologe style windows. They do stay on top, and i chose the property, non modual i think so that they dont hog the focus.

The problem is they can get sized bigger than the containing frame and they can wander to the left or right past the containing frame. I dont want these windows to have that much independence.

Is the dialouge class the right class for this? How would i do this? ideas, suggestions, web links appreciated.


had a brief look at that page last night, going to look into this more, probably by the weekend, and see if it is going to work as a solution.


I set that up today. it worked well for me.