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I have developed a program to help me geocode approximately 100,000 addresses from Google. After doing some i/o to bring all the names into a vector in C++, I have now 100,000 distinct addresses that I must pull up, retrieve the code from google's server via csv output, and then put the csv information into a string (it's very short because it's just lat/long information and an error code). Is there any way to pull up each of these hyperlinks? I am good with non-network programming, but am unfamiliar with how to do this in C++. VBA via Excel fails to accomplish this task in under 4 hours (for 5k). I would like to be able to do this via C++ (initial sorts took 1/30th of the processing time) from now on as I will have several hundred thousand more to do soon. If someone could point me to some documentation or code snippets, I would love you forever....Many Thanks.


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Many have recommended the curl library for applications that need to interface with the net.

Thanks for your suggestion. Have you been able to successfully compile a cpp using CURL? I'm getting many compile errors. Did you just use the .exe version or a different version? I tried to compile their example...no luck.

Sorry, for the many questions, just new to this type of development.

*sigh I thought this would be simpler....

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