Hi, i'd like to start a commandline executeable, and then be able to read the content of the output it produces.

- Im NOT looking for a Stdout function.

Concider having a bat file with following content

ping google.au
ping google.dk
ping google.de
ping google.se
ping google.no
ping google.fi
ping google.be
ping google.nl

This may take som seconds to process. I want to be bale to read the process from another program..as it proceeds.

Do you know what i mean? =)

you could redirect the output to a file. Then your other program just read the file like it does any other file. Below I put the output in separate files, but you can put them all in the same file too by use >> instead of >

ping google.au > file.au
ping google.dk > file.dk
ping google.de > file.de
ping google.se > file.se
ping google.no > file.no
ping google.fi > file.fi
ping google.be > file.be
ping google.nl > file.nl

but that's not what i want at all.. the window could be acompiled program that i do not control the contents of.. the bat file with ping queries was just as an example of a window that is updating/processing.

To be even more specific, i need to end up with a .dll that can read a CMD Prompt window.. by using WM_GETTEXT.

Interesting.. i will check it out! Thanks!

Ah..nah..not was i was looking for.. i need to directly atream the contents of that window, into my own application.

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