i am getting errors when i compile this program

#include <iostream>
#include <cctype>

using namespace std;

const int MAX_DIGITS = 20;

int size;              // number of digits in the integer
int digit[MAX_DIGITS]; // the digits stored in reverse order

void inputBigInt (int a[], int& sizeA);

void outputBigInt(int a[], int sizeA);

void add (int a[], int sizeA, int b[], int sizeB, int sum[], int& sizeSum);

int main()
int a[MAX_DIGITS];
int sizeA;
int b[MAX_DIGITS];
int sizeB;
int sum[MAX_DIGITS];
int sizeSum;
char ans;
		void inputBigInt ( a[MAX_DIGITS], sizeA);

		void add ( a[MAX_DIGITS], sizeA, b[MAX_DIGITS], sizeB, sum[MAX_DIGITS], sizeSum);

		void outputBigInt(a[MAX_DIGITS], sizeA);

		cout << "\n Do you want to run this program again? (y,n)";
		cin >> ans;
	} while (ans =='y' || ans == 'Y');
     return 0;

void inputBigInt (int a[], int& sizeA)
	cout<< "Enter up to 19 digits and than press enter.";
	for(char x; x< MAX_DIGITS;x++)
		cin>> a[x];
void add (int a[], int sizeA, int b[], int sizeB, int sum[], int& sizeSum)
	int x, carry=0, stop, temp;

	if (sizeA > sizeB)


	for (x=0; x<= stop && x< size; x++)
		temp = a[x] + b[x]+ carry;

		if (temp< 10)

		if (carry !=0)

void outputBigInt(int a[], int sizeA)
	for(int x=size-1;x>=0;x--)
		cout<< a[x];

at each of the parts in red my compiler is giving me the same two errors
1. illegal use of type 'void' 2. too many initializers

You can't use the datatype when calling the functions, just get rid of the voids *on those lines only* not in the declaration/defintions, and I think that will solve that specific problem.

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my next question is how to take my user input in char and convert it to int

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