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I have values in the Basic Stamps debugger and only in the debugger. I want python to be able to read the values. I'm going to map the mouse movements on the computer with the values, and possibly port the values into excel to be graphed. I can do all of that with python except read the values from the stamp.


After putting down this project and revisiting it after several months, I solved it. No click events yet, but it wont be hard at all.
here is the BASIC code that is loaded into the microcontrollers memory:

' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

x VAR Word
y VAR Word


  PULSIN 8, 1, x
  PULSIN 7, 1, y
  DEBUG LF, ? x , ? y


And this is the python code to map the accelorometer to the mouse movements.
Requires PySerial.

from ctypes import *
import serial
s = serial.Serial('COM5') # this will be different for everyone, I used a Serial to USB cable.
user = windll.user32
x = 0
y = 0
speed = 10
while 1:
    d = s.readline()
    d = d.split()
    if int(d[2]) > 2700:
        print 'right'
        if x < 1400:
            x += speed
    elif int(d[2]) < 2400:
        print 'left'
        if x > 0:
            x -= speed
    if int(d[5]) > 2600:
        print 'up'
        if y > 0:
            y -= speed
    elif int(d[5]) < 2400:
        print 'down'
        if y < 900:
            y += speed
  except: pass

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