Well, it's pretty freaking easy when you don't have to calculate the binomial coefficients. Just two trivial loops if you don't want leading whitespace and three if you do.

>i want code for this.
Then you'd better get started on writing it.

>pls giv me the code
No. And saying "please" isn't going to help because we don't give freebies to cheaters like you. Do it yourself and if you have a real question, we'll help answer it.

void main()
int i,j,n;

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Fail (on multiple levels).

it does rather depend what language u r using.
but it is a simple loop job where each time you go round the loop (until it exits in this case at five) you just increase the counter by +1 and then print out the '*' multiplied by the counter.

over to u

>it does rather depend what language u r using.
I could be wrong, but since this thread is in the C forum, it'd say C is pretty freaking likely to be the language he's using.

>over to u
Don't waste your time. By now this leech has already gotten a failing grade on the homework, and we'll never see him again.

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sorry I did n't see (c!) the c forum but I agree there is only one way to program ...do it. I think this thread could be closed!

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