Project 1
Leap year calculation (Leap year is a year that has 366 days, a year that has 365
days is not a leap year)
Write a program that will accept a positive integer ( the year to be tested) from a user. If
the user inputs a 0 or negative number, the program quits without doing anything.
Otherwise, it will print a message saying whether or not the year is a leap year based on
the following rules.
The rules to calculate if it is a leap year are:
(a) A year divisible by 4 is a leap year (2004, 2008...), unless
(b) it is also divisible by 100 (2100, 2200...) in which case it is not a leap year.
(c) There is an exception. A year divisible by 400 is a leap year (2000, 2400...).
Here are examples of how the program works.
Input a number for the year (>= 1): -1
Sorry, your year must be greater than 1.
Input a number for the year (>= 1): 2001
The year 2001 is (a leap year) or ( not a leap year)
Input a number for the year (>= 1): 2004
The year 2004 is (leap year) or ( not a leap year)
Input a number for the year (>= 1): 2100
The year 2100 is not a leap year

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