I'm new to VC++7 and openGL but have luckily gotten some basics down and am ready to show off what i know to some friends. What I tried doing, is to simply zip the .exe, but this failed. My friends and I all play quake 3, which uses opengl, so i assumed that they would have no problems viewing it. Unfortunately, they recieve an error, ""game failed to intialize correctly."

I asked about this on ETG's #opengl channel, and one person mentioned that certain dll's must be packaged with the exe, which makes sense; however, the person did not know which .dlls or where they are located.

Much appreciated,

Doesn't a Packaging Wizard come with MSVC7? Or did Inno Setup's stuff do that kinda thing too? I forget.

sorry for being a noob. i haven't tested it yet, but i failed to see the Build option at the top and was using Debug. Build has exported it into a Release folder instead of a similar one named Debug. :cool:

thank you for the reply,

my problem was solve by including two dlls in the .zip with the .exe:

mscoree.dll - Microsoft Runtime Execution Engine
msvcp71.dll - Visual C++ 7.1 runtime library

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