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i wanted to do this programme with C++ languge by visual C++

Hotel Reservation System – HRS
In this project you have to design and implement an HRS that can be used by a small hotel. Your program should provide the following services:
1. Reserve a room for a customer and then unreserve it when the customer leaves the hotel.
2. Each customer reserving a room should have a profile in the HRS containing name, id, address, marital status, the time period of reservation, type of the room. 3. The program should give an information about the hotel rooms status i.e. how many rooms are reserved and how many are not, types of those rooms, how many customers are in the hotel,
4. The HRS should have a waiting list to add customers to if the hotel is full.
5. The user of the program should know how much the customer paid and how much should he pay before leaving the hotel when he/she is about to leave.
6. Searching for a room by its number should be an available service in the program in order to check the room status (reserved or unreserved).
7. Also you need to find the unreserved rooms in the hotel. This service should display the unreserved room numbers and their types.
8. You can search for a person by name or id and then display his/her profile.
9. When a customer leaves the hotel, the program should display a bill for him

• Each room of the hotel has some specifications: number, type of the room (single or double), price, reservation time, services (meals, telephone, and internet), and if the room is reserved or not.
• Each customer has some specifications: name, id, address, marital status, the number of the room he/she reserved, the date he/she reserved room and the date he/she left, the bill.

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Last I checked, we here at Daniweb are meant to ASSIST you in perfecting your coding skills, not doing your assignment for you.Show some effort and post your code, then we may be able to help you from there.


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