How Can I Change The Height of Rows in DBGrid ?

Hi fayyaz,
There is no property DefaultRowHeight for DBGrid like for StringGrid so,
I think the Height of the Row in DBGrid depends on the Font Size ....
When you select property
- Font
Size 10
instead of old Size 8 your DBGdid will show biger Height of Rows
and so on ....
- Font
Size 12
instead of old Size 10 your DBGdid will show biger Height of Rows

dear finalist
yes you are right ther is no accessible property for changing the height of DBGrid rows but ther is sum protected property that by using some tricks we can change them but the changes dont stable after moving up and down
more over idont want to chage fonte size but I want only cgange the Height of BBGrid Rows I bleave that it have a solution.

I solved my problem if enyOne want to know the solotion I discribe it as bellow
1- you mast define the class same this


2-you mast write bellow code for Oncreate event of form

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);