I wonder what is the name of his widget.
It manages wxFrames whose in turn manages wxNoteBooks. It is like wxAUI but its Frames has maximize windows. I wonder what is equivalent wxWidgets/wxPython for this
see here


When looking at the wx.Aui example i can see examples of 'frames' with maximise, minimise and close buttons. Sounds a lot like what you need?

Im just looking at the wxPython Docs and Demos :)

commented: Yah! you are right - that is the widget! +4

thanks paul, but it seems the child frames have maximize and minimize while AUI have only X button. Am I missing something here?

I think so. That can almost always be changed by changing the styles when making the widget.

a sample? I dont understand that. You mean I can add something like wx.TE_RICH is done for text control?

I have to upgrade My Mandriva to use 2.8.10 instead of 9 so as I can use my Demo

Here is a snippet from the code that controls the demo

self._mgr.AddPane(self.CreateSizeReportCtrl(), aui.AuiPaneInfo().
                          Name("test2").Caption("Client Size Reporter").

So it appears that rather than using styles that they have functions to make them have max, min and close buttons