Hi, i am a php programmer who has no previous programming experience neither in java nor in c#(sharp). My goal is to learn both languages java and c#, so i am looking for an experienced programmer who has in depth knowledge of both languages to suggest me which one to start first in order to make my learning process easier and to help me grasp fast on the second language once i have finished learning the first. (e.g some people find it easier when they learn the difficult language first or the one that has more features and programming aspects so once they are through and they start the second one they find the learning process like walking in the park)

There's nothing to chose betwen the languages themselves - C# may be slightly richer, but no enough to make any difference, and converting from one to the other is mostly just a question of small syntax differences.
But: the language is maybe 5% of what you have to learn - 95% is the API library - Java API vs .net. These are quite different, and the years (literally) you'll spend getting fluent in one won't help much in getting fluent in the other.
In the end it comes down to what are you trying to achieve? If you want to work exclusively in Windows it's probably C# = .net.
If you want to be Linux or cross-platform skilled, then Java is probably more appropriate.