Hi to everyone, i am wondering which language (java or c#) can create more robust and scalable application including stuffs such as multiprocessing, multithreading, and of course speed????
Thanks, in advance!!!

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The question isn't really between Java and C#. It's between Java, Scala, C#, F#, and some others. The answer is Scala, which compiles to the JVM.

From a purely Java vs. C# language perspective, you would generally prefer to use C# because it has anonymous functions, using blocks, a reasonable collections library (in System.Linq), and no weird special cases for primitive types. However, Scala exists, and the Scala language is better than the C# language, and you should always use it in place of Java. That's assuming you aren't interested in using the .NET API. If you wanted to write a native Windows application, well, you might want C# then. From a multiprocessing/etc perspective they're both similar, but if you _really_ want to scale up you don't want to have to worry about getting a zillion Windows licenses and such, so the JVM rules there :P

I have never looked at performance information, but the general resonance I get from the Internet is that the JVM is faster and better than the .NET vm.

> i am wondering which language (java or c#) can create more robust and scalable application
Only to say that choosing one of them doesn't mean you're immediately immune from screwing it up.

A bad design in either language is perfectly capable of turning into a disaster.

Or that your ultimate choice of language(s) should be guided by your detailed requirements and design, and not by some washy "wish-list" containing only two or three things.

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