Hi so I have the next problem (didnt write it in code yet because I dont know how i should start) I have to make a program in Visual Studio 2008 that would add words to numbers and make it a word again s ofor example:

monday + 4 =friday

so I suppose that I should convert the days to a number variable but I dont really know chich one Integer or maybe a String?

I'm pretty new to programming and I would appreciate any tips or maybe even some little help with code verry much.

thanks in advance
sorry for my bad english

An enumeration is of type integer, do you realise I did some effort to give you this info. I expect the same from you next time you ask a question! Look up about enumerations in your textbook on the web etc. first.
Now this should do the trick:

using System;

namespace EnumThings
    class Program
        enum Days

        static void Main(string[] args)
            Days weekday = Days.Monday;
            Days newweekday = weekday + 4;

I'm sorry but I was quite clueless what i should search for and thanks for the info

Do you understand what this code means or are you still looking through a haze? If it is still hazy please ask questions.:)

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