hi im working on a project for uni. i am doin a games software development course and i am currently working on a small game.

we have to then optimise it so it runs as fast as it can to prevent lag. though im getting alot of bottlenecks around cout statments.

i was wondering if there is a alternative to using cout with doesnt access as many of the registars when you get down to the assembler level of the program as this is where it realy solws down.

i am using visual c++ express i can include and libarys neccessary

thanks in advance

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printf is faster than cout, in visual studio 2008 express. Try substituting
that. How about you post some code that you might think is the bottle neck of your program and we will see how you can improve it.

i have cut donw all the couts to one output now....the wonders of arrays

so once i place in the printf function that will be that section of my project done.

then comes the wonders of assembler level programming lol

cheers for the advice

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