Okay so I got homework from my IT programming. I am completely oblivious in programming so I need a bit of help getting me into the right direction. Here is the question to understand my flowchart:

Above is the link to my flowchart.

Consider N students receiving the marks x1,x2,....,xN . Develop an Algorithm to compute the mean mark for male students that achieved a score lower than that of all female students. The marks are supplied one at a time along with the gender information. Specify the Algorithm using both pseudo-code and a flowchart.

Can you post your pseudo code see if it's matched

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and your flow chart is maddd confusing B, all i can say is what if the first paper was male ? your program would crash if you created that algorithm.

Consider the problem as if you were actually in the scenario marking the papers.

You would need all the data before finding out what the lowest female mark is AND THEN you would find the marks of those males who did worse AND THEN find the their mean =)