Hello there,
can anybody help me with this? I have a simple program like the attached. What I would like to do is to come up with an executable file that I can email to myself and execute on another machine. What happens at the moment is this: I wrote the program, compiled it and run it with Visual C++ and as a result I've got a folder with about 6 files and another subfolder called debug. Now, is there a way to come up with a single exe file instead or am I saying something completely silly? Sorry but I have just started with C++...
If possible how difficult is it?

//This program prints asterisks

#include <iostream>

using std::cout;

int main()
cout << "***** **** *** \a;"
return 0;
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oh yeah, thanks :$...sorry!
But if I run the program from VC++ in the terminal window I've got a message saying "press any key to continue", whereas if I run it from the exe file in the debugger folder that doesn't happen...how's that?


When ran from VC, its runs as cmd.exe ( with pause command )
When ran from folder, It runs as Filename.exe ( Without pause command )


Ah ok, so let's say that I email the exe file to myself and open it on another machine which has no VC++ on it: the program will run as filename.exe without pause command, isn't it right?

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