I'm trying to find some good websites with questions such as "Create a program that does blah blah.."

And then gives the solutions so I can program and then compare my program, or use it for help.

I have taken C++, and C++ advanced, data structures (taking advanced data structures now) and learned things like overloaded functions, vectors and stuff. Only problem is that we really don't do enough coding in the class. I like to start off simple and then put it together in bigger problems. But sometimes we won't do any coding and then just have a big problem, and it makes it more confusing.

Anyways, anyone know any good websites for this? I want to get a bunch and then work on all the programming problems, to get everything in my head good.

If anyone knows of any good ebooks that have solutions as well then that would be good. If not ill just use textbooks without solutions then try to talk people into helping me without them thinking its homework ^_^


Thanks, ill take a look at some of those. The main reason I would want the answers is if I dont quite understand something. I got a bunch of ebooks im going to go through as well. I figure until I get a bit better ill have problems and if there solutions are available then hopefully it would cut down on the questions I would have to ask. But thanks for the link.

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i think the below web site will help u for your problems
go ahead surely you will find solutions
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