as i finished my I sem of computer applications at SGRRITS coll in dehradun ,india in second sem C++ is part of my course.
now i want to know about the main difference between c and c++
how c++ is more use ful and its features with the help of example.
please also explain in brief how above example will executed.

i am a begnner so please....................you know.

google: "c c++ differences"

hello, u request a huge information about C++ and about differences between C++ and C, u may use Google to search for tutorial or examples developed by C++,

here u r a good

C++ Tutorial
Diff Bet. C and C++

These are some diff. not the all, But a brief:

1. Have Classes
2. When define a new user defined data type

1. No, But may be implemented using function pointer
2. When declare a variable Must include the struct keyword
e.g. struct Stud{....}
struct Stud Stud1;

1. Yes
2. When declare a variable Not necessary to include the struct keyword

Enjoy :)