the process Foo is running. Foo calls a lot of functions (loaded somewhere in RAM). how can a programmer get the names & prototypes of all functions called (or loaded) by Foo?

now suppose the programmer suceeded to identify the function Hitler(int,int) called by Foo. how can the programmer redirect the process, so that it calls Charlie(int,int) instead of Hitler(int,int). so whenever Foo refers to the address of Hitler(int,int) & tries to run it, Charlie(int,int) is called & is run & the process thinks it has called Hitler(int,int)?

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I don't know, but that sounds malicious to me.

This indeed sounds very much like you're building either a crack or a virus, please prove me wrong or this thread is gone.

I don't know, but that sounds malicious to me.

I remember you said you have an antivirus!

This indeed sounds very much like you're building either a crack or a virus, please prove me wrong or this thread is gone.

there are good forums for virus writers! why should I ask this among a group of fairies?! I just wanted to know more. And know if it is possible.
seems US security conditions has had deep influences on y. just joking.
I wanted to replace Hitler with Charlie Chaplin. is that malicious! Ok forget it.

you certainly aren't contributing anything worthwhile to the community

perhaps because I have a bad feeling about the community. but I'm willing to be helpful if I feel there are people willing receive my help.

>> a perennial fail-monkey.
well, i'm not going to waste my & your time & find your posts to say something that is fair for you. but I'm not a virus writer. And I'm not a commercial programmer & usually have good ideas for new programs & so my questions may be strange. I think most of questions you deal with are what instructors give as exercise (I wanted to say foolish questions but I didn't ;)). And I feel either people are unwilling or unable to answer my questions & I usually don't expect an answer (I expect argumemtative people!)
don't be pessimistic about me:
*my question about list of precesses arose when I thought about writing a program that finds number of executions of processes & the period of time they are running. not like a virus.
*my question about capturing the mouse arose when I wanted to write a program that shows waves about the pointer when the user clicks. it's not a virus.
* my question about hook & inject arose when one asked that in another nonenglish forum. I wanted to know if it is possible. the way I questioned completely proves that I'm not a professional virus writer.
so (if you're not going to think that I'm insulting you) don't eat more tucker & don't wade in the beck :)

by "a group of fairies" above I meant "flying good creatures in fairyland" not other meanings if you have in mind.

& about my unkind (but not insulting) style of speaking, it is when I encounter some arrogant Americans. I don't know but when I come to this forum I can't be kinder than this.
challenging more argumentative warriors! no one can logically defeat me!

This thread is done.

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