Hi forum!
My name is Eduardo and I´m from Portugal. I´m a newbie to C++ and I hope to learn a lot with you
I´m facing a doubt that I couldn´t solve yet.
(I will also post this thread at c++ area, hope you don´t mind )

My doubt lies in the exchange of data between two different languages (C++ and C#). The doubt aroused from the request of build a cool interface! C++ doesn´t allow me to do a nice interface but c# does!
So the problem is that I´m sharing data between the two projects (the interface is a c# project and the image processing routines are in a c++ project. Both are in the same solution) using .dll export and import!
Basically I get the webcam image in c#, I process it using opencv and I return it to c# to show it in a picturebox.

However as the program goes long and complex I´m really afraid about the performance...
I know that QT is suitable to build an interface in c++ however it will not be so cool as a c# one....

Do you know a better way to do this sharing of data??
Thanks in advance for your time!


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