I am currently doing a project and I have added a new table to an access database linked to the vb project. I re-linked the access database, but the new table does not appear in the drop down list of the form recordsource. Please can someone tell me what the problem is?


Hi aadebayo,
What type of connection you are using? you can provide us more information about what you have done to solve your problem. if possible you can also paste the codes you have used.



Thanks for responding. I am refering to the drop down list of recordsource. I attach an image. The query I added is missing from the drop down list to the right.


Okay, so you are saying that you went to access and created a query, saved it (from within access) and now in VB, it is not showing up. Have you tried closing VB and reopening the project? It just may be a quirk with VB...

Good Luck

Thank you both, I have found out what the problem is. The query within the MSAccess database included WITH OWNERACCESS OPTION; within the select statement. When I removed it, I was able to see the query.