Hi all. I'm having some problems creating a dialog in VC++ 6.0.

I am working in the dialog resource view. I have five groups of radio buttons, each of which is in it's own group box. Two of the five groups are behaving normally (i.e. mutually exclusive within it's own group). The other three groups seem to want to all be in the same group, despite being in different group boxes.

I have each group of radio buttons in it's own group box and I have the tab order set up such that each group's buttons are in consecutive order and there are tab stops for other controls in between groups.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

What are the names of the 3 groups that are misbehaving? It sounds like you probably did a copy/paste and forgot to change the name(s).

What are the names of the 3 groups that are misbehaving? It sounds like you probably did a copy/paste and forgot to change the name(s).

What do you mean by names? The names of the group boxes?

The misbehaving ones are:

The two that are behaving normally are also both called IDC_STATIC.

Also, all buttons do have unique names.

The two with unique names are ones that I just added. The three other groups, all named IDC_STATIC, were all working before :?:

How did you create the 2 new ones? I suspect there is an inheritance higher up in the object hierarchy that is linking them to the one that is now broken.

Those look like some sort of setting macros rather than object names. Since I'm not familiar with them (or much of anything to do with Windows Forms to be honest) I'll take you word for it. What happens when you change the 2 new ones to IDC_STATIC?

I can already see that this is going to get beyond me. I hope that someone else can help you.

commented: Wasn't the solution, but thanks for helping! +1

No dice on changing the names to IDC_STATIC. These controls need to have unique names anyway though, since I'm manipulating them in code.

To create them, I just, from the dialog resource view, either dragged the control over to the dialog or clicked on the control and clicked on the dialog to place it.


Well, I screwed around with manipulating the controls' ID numbers in resource.h, I checked and un-checked the "Group" setting for the radio buttons and group boxes in just about every combination, I deleted and re-created the buttons and boxes, I changed physical locations, I renamed, etc. and nothing seemed to work. Finally I gave one last shot to something I remember from doing this before and check the "Group" checkbox in the properties of the first radio button in each group and now it seems to work (although I'm pretty sure I'd already tried that). I'm guessing that it was some combination of things that I've tried, but it still doesn't make sense to me since I've got other dialogs with multiple groups of radio buttons that work fine without all this mess or these particular settings.

I'm going to mark the thread as solved, but if anyone has any more input on this, feel free to post it as I'll still be keeping an eye on this thread.

you should always start a new group of radio buttons by selecting the first radio button of the group and then in the property page set the GROUP option to true.

documentation for this in the online help is up to usual standards....miles of nonesense and nothing useful.