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Possibly no one is helping because you don't appear to be making much effort yourself. You've posted what looks like all your code and data and are asking forum readers to plow through it all.

One great thing about java is the amount of information provided by the error messages. You have an "inputmismatchexception"; you can look that up through Google or whatever and find out that it occurs when a text scanner encounters a token that it does not expect, or that is out of range.

Your output echoes the values from your input line by line. You can go through the output, easily find where, or approximately where, the line is that causes this error, and then you can figure out what kind of tokens are likely to be expected (a birthdate, perhaps?) and whether your input is in the right format.

I only spent 10 minutes or so getting this far; I really don't want to read through dozen or so classes you posted on the other forum. Trust the java message to be directly related to why the program quit running (it isn't so in all languages, I know), and then use your output to determine where in your input you were at the time.


Part of the exception was this:

at fileIOPKG.FileIO.getNextInt(FileIO.java:34)

Now you know at which java file and line the error occured. waht are you calling there. Are you entering correct data form the keyboard?

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