Guyz Help Me on my College Project..,...PLz?
Dear Friends... I am In Big Trouble.....Actually i had gotta project in which i have to write a program in C or C++ ,,in which program take ownership of a program say "c:\abc\xyz.exe" and then renames it to other than "xyz.exe" to whatever else.....i am not saying to make a copy of that exe and then renames it. but it will modify it....

Plz guyz help me coze i am not successfull in writing the code....

plz,plz,,,Can u write a program for me...i dont know how to write...

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hey everybody here... i know the rules here but i cant not write the program.... u can not understand how much this program is essential for me...........


> Plz guyz help me coze i am not successfull in writing the code....
So drop the course already, and stop wasting everyone's time (including yours).

Your homework (which is astonishingly simple for college level) is about as simple as it gets. Next weeks homework won't be any easier, and then the pace of difficulty will start to accelerate to see who's got what it takes and who's for the chop.

I wanted to be a professional sports player, but got told early on "you're not good enough for the team kid". So I eventually found computers instead.

Likewise, programming isn't for you.
Putting off the day you realise that by a week or two by spoon-feeding you the answer won't change that.

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