Please visit this website, there is a image of a dialogue box , can anyone help me please making them. I dont want full code just some hints . Thank You.

You do not have a specific question. You do not make it clear what you mean by "making them". You do not indicate whether you really want help with the dialogue box, the gridbaglayout, whether it is use or implementation, or what.

My hint would be to work through what you want to do and flesh out your question so that someone has some chance of answering it. If you do not know enough about what you want to do to do that, then this forum is probably not the right place to get help -- you need to sit down with a book or a general on-line tutorial that covers whatever it is you wanted to know.

Column property or row property dialogue boxes.

I'm not really sure what that means, as the previous poster suggested, perhaps you should elaborate. JOptionPane ?