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I have just started studying about applications and usage of DBus and as I able to understand that it is possible to pass messages between two different applications(programs) written in different languages usnig DBus. But I am not able to implement it. So just for demo, I want to communicate between two different very small programs, one in java and another in C++ in which from java program I want to pass two numbers to a C++ function called sum() and the calculated result from this C++ program, I want to get it returned into java program and finally display this result on the console. Can anyone help me?

I myself have not yet run any DBus related program. Plz also tell me about any online book or link which give me basic details of writing dbus program. I have already gone through many of the links but not yet able to get clear concept and understanding about dbus programming. I want simple book or link which can provide me basics for DBus programming. I am using Debian linux. I just want to initiate and explore more & more, plz plz help me.

Thanks in Advance.........:)

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You need support from other language for your apps that built in another language then use jni...

Like java which need c,c++ support for leverage their ability which actually not available in java...

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