Hello mates

i am having a problem designing a new DTD over the existing one found at:


This is the DTD over their original XML file. I used a SAX parser to store specific data from the original file into my relational database.

Now i have to do the following: "Design a DTD to specify an XML document that consists of all publications in the conferences or journals that are co-authored by four specific authors Woo, Kin, Glas and Gert"

In few words what it needs is a DTD that is valid for if one of the 4 people is an author but how do i implement this restriction to 4 values only?

plz provide me data about DBLP.......
i wana to project that technique.......

Here's a real answer. Look at the web pages below under the "Enumerated attribute values"

Use google and "enumerate DTD" and you'll find other examples. The idea is that you can use the <!ATTLIST> and make a list of valid strings that are allowed in those attributes. you should be able to adjust your <ATTLIST declarations in that DTD to restriction content for those authors and Conf/Journals.