Hi! I need help for my homework in c++. My professor wants us to write a program that ask a question and there is a multiple choice and the answer. like the gameshow "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Please give me some example.. (^_^) thank you so much!

Well, if you paid any attention, that would be easy. But you didn't pay attention.... Therefor you show no effort in your work. You should have read the rules here.


just to be nice. Look into cout, cin, and then the if statement.

commented: And very nice it was too :) +19

i can help u but the rules state "Dont give away code" but i can always help

It is C example but it is not hard to translate to C++
From here, Show your efforts as you have starting point

Output question.
Output possible answers.
Ask for input (A character)
Check if answer is correct.
Move to next question.

Hope this helps

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