Hello, i have a simple question.

Let's say you have 3 private attributes.
If you want to insert a value you use a set method and when you wish to display its content you use a get method.

When you use a constructor with a parameter list e.g.:

private String attribute1;
private int attribute2;
private double attribute3;
Constructor(String attr1, int attr2, double attr3) {

attribute1 = attr1;
attribute2 = attr2;
attribute3 = attr3;

In the above case, the insertion of the values is made via the constructor and not the set method. So, is it false to add a value in the private attributes via the constructor and not via the set method?

Thank you for your time.

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Ideally, your constructor should call the setter methods instead of directly assigning the values to the private members. So, it would do something like...

attribute1 = setAttribtue1(attr1);



It's often done that way, but ideally the constructor should also use the set() methods to store the parameter values, thus ensuring that any side effects are properly handled.

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Oh, right! That's more OOP. Thank you again very much!!!

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