Please solve this java program

Design a class EmployeeSalary to reflect the salary of an employee in an organization.All employee will be facilitated with common increment rate of their rank.Each employee's gross salary will be comprised of the basic ,house allowance ,medical allowance and transport allowance.The house ,medical,and transport allowances offer will be 35%,5% and 8% respectively of the basic salary.you have to intialize the basic salry through constructor.Provide a method that will return the monthly salary by adding the sub part of the salary (with increment rate applying on every sub-part ).Also provide another method that can set the increment rate to a new value....

Write a driver program to test the designed class EmployeeSalary .Instantiate two EmployeeSalary objects e1 and e2 with basic salary of $15000 and $4000 respectively.Assuming no increment during the probation period,set increment rate to 0 at the begining and then print the monthly salary for both employee .Six months late,these employee will get permanent status and will get incremnet of 10% .Show the next month's salaty for both employees.

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