I have a wireless camera with RGB (RCA) exit cable (PAL) and I was planning to control the video via C++ code

The idea was to use something like EasyCap adapter (RCA to USB with a driver CD) to let the camera play video in my notebook but the question is: how to control the video stream via C++? I don't think the included drivers could be controlled by code

Any idea on how to solve the problem?

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You should be able to find some resources online by searching for the term video capture library.


Thanks for the tip, so you are suggesting to launch the adapter application and then use such a capture library to incorporate the video into my C++ application?

Sounds unprofessional but it may work.

A more elegant solution like an adapter with a documentation on how connecting and using its proper drivers? Anyone knows one?


Despiting the fact the description are in italian, the camera is


As you can see in the images, there is a RCA cable. To connect to the pc I thought I could buy an EasyCap adapter and then comes my problem about how controlling video with C++ (it'd be cool if I could start the acquisition with my program too)

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