Hello, I'm trying to convert a double (3.16) and take its integer part (3). However I'm encountering problems doing this. Can someone pleeease help me out ?

Here is my code:


li $v0, 7 #asking the user for a double


mov.d $f2, $f0

cvt.s.d $f4, $f2 #converting from double to single precision. I have a
                        #also tried to convert to word

li $v0, 3  #print the value

mov.d $f12, $f4  #move da converted value (ie.from 3.1 to 3) to f12


All I want is to convert 3.16 to 3 so I can then only have the floating part of this (ie. 3.16 -3 = .16). The problem I'm having is getting that 3