i developing chat application ...

my client and server communicate at lan but over internet it is not...

i came to know that port forwarding for client and server communicate behind router...

but Skype is working without any port forwarding..

how can achieve my chat application working like skype without port forwarding..

thanks for any suggestion !!!!:-/

I don't have an answer to your problem, but maybe we can help each other and learn together. I'm trying to do the same thing (write a chat app), but not as complicated as what you might be doing. Something simple to help me learn how to work with java. So my question is in general, what do I need to consider for my program? I mean, what areas of java do I need to read up on?

i gone through areas such that http tunneling,dyndns..

but i don't know how it will work as simple as skype..

i think , any third server which act as remote delegator is need?

so in java how far it is possible ?

these are all key to make right solution...

what is your original name?where are u from?...

keep in touch with this thread with regular update...:)

is third party server needed for remote connection over NAT/FIREWALL..

CAN anybody figure out anything??